.Planning Permission

What is planning permission?

It refers to the administrative act that authorises an activity in the area of construction. The authorisation is granted or declined after a regulatory inspection that monitors the fulfilment of normative requirements. As a result, a permit will be granted that allows the use of the land, construction, building, transformation or refurbishment.

It is important to mention that these planning permission are compulsory, regulatory, real, transmissible and preventive.

Why do you need planning permission?

The role of the planning permission is fundamental, being necessary to acknowledge the different types of permissions and when one should request them to comply with the current legislation and avoid any kind of legal issues.

The different types of planning permissions adjust to the kind of requested performance, whether it is on an urban, non-urban or building plot. There are different types of permissions: division of the plot permissions, licence of first occupation, activity installation permissions and other activities permissions. Depending on the kind of project, a request for a specific planning permission to the Administration is needed. 

How much does planning permission cost?

Approximately, a major planning permission costs between 2% and 6% of the overall construction cost (VAT not included). Since this type of tax is subjected to the Autonomous Community or local Administration, the exact amount may vary according to what the local Administration establishes.

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