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We carry out your preliminary study, technical project, execution and processing of planning permission, so that you only have to be aware of choosing details in the construction and / or renovation of your home.

Construction, whether minimalist, classic, industrial or rustic, you can trust CO.RE.CU with the construction of your home.

Home Renovations and Refurbishments

Whether for homes, commercial premises, industrial buildings, offices, conversions of premises into homes or any other type, at CO.RE.CU we take care of everything.

New building constructions

Whether minimalist, classical, industrial or rustic, you can trust CO.RE.CU. with the construction of your home.

Homeowners' association

We reform, rehabilitate and repair your homeowner association (HOA), for the maximum comfort of your neighbours. Whether you are the administrator of the property or the president, contact CO.RE.CU immediately and we will give you an estimate without obligation.

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