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The beginnings of the company date back to 1998, when due to life circumstances, Manuel Prieto, at the age of 21, took over the reins of the business and continued with the family business that his father Mr Manuel Prieto had set up. The current CEO, Manuel Prieto acknowledges that there have been difficult times, especially when his father got sick and he, inexperienced in business, had to decide whether to shut the family business or continue with it. He opted for the second option, becoming CEO of the company up to this day.

Until 2003 CO.RE.CU mainly focused on wall tiles and decorating. Nonetheless, with new ambitions and goals, the business took the plunge and widened the scope of the company towards the construction sector in all its variants. Diligence and hard work were key to getting a foot in the door, under the brand name Manuel Prieto Construcciones. In 2009 the company CO.RE.CU CONSTRUCCIONES SLU. was established. The brand stands for terms in Spanish COnstrucciones (constructions) REformas (refurbishments) CUelliga (the family name) SLU. Nowadays, the company name is shared with a new company founded in 2015 Corporación Rehabilitadora de Comunidades y Urbanizaciones SLU, which has led CO.RE.CU to become a consolidated and prestigious company in the construction sector. 

CO.RE.CU’s headquarters are located in Cordoba (Polígono Industrial Tecnocórdoba, Calle Polonia) with facilities of 250 m2 that encompass the main warehouse, locksmith, blacksmith and electrical workshops. There is also a business delegation in the Costa del Sol. The company owns three industrial vehicles and a business vehicle.

The team comprises highly qualified and skilled committed professionals for every project. CO.RE.CU’s staff include electricians, blacksmiths and decorators, outsourcing, always with reliable suppliers, the rest of the trades involved in a construction project, so that we can successfully complete every turnkey project, despite the magnitude.

Manuel Prieto
Founder Member

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