.New building constructions


Whether the project requires simple and traditional masonry, reinforced masonry that employs steel to reinforce walls or another kind of reinforced masonry that uses vertical and horizontal reinforcing elements to lengthen the durability of the building, we count on a team of highly qualified builders and tradesmen ready to commence your project as soon as possible.

Single-family homes

CO.RE.CU’s team is totally qualified to carry out the construction of single-family projects, providing personalised service and always striving to adjust to the needs of our clients.

Our team handles the whole project from design, planning and management to supervision during the different stages to make your dream house come to life.

Building construction

CO.RE.CU possesses extended experience as well as qualified personnel in building construction projects. We make sure we meet our clients’ needs with first-rate service and excellent results in every stage of the project. 

Industrial and commercial facilities

A wide range of facilities is our main testament. CO.RE.CU commits to designing and executing any type of industrial, commercial or other sector-oriented facilities, meeting the highest quality standards. 

Civil engineering projects

CO.RE.CU’s engineers and architects also develop construction projects for public service purposes, within the national territory (road projects, bridges and sewage systems, among others). We will enthusiastically accept the challenge. 

Sports facilities building

CO.RE.CU is specialised in sports facilities building projects, taking care of every detail and adapting the space to the sport. Every kind of pitch has its characteristics; hence, specific materials and conditions are needed. Padel tennis, tennis or basketball court to name a few.

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