.Home Renovations and Refurbishments

Full house renovation

Leave your property in the hands of the most qualified professionals. We take care of the complete renovation of your property. Best quality materials, excellent results and professional service guaranteed.

Home Installations

We run every kind of installation in your house: wiring, plumbing, water, heating, gas, you name it. Your house will be in the best hands. Feel free to get in touch for more information. 

Carpentry services

CO.RE.CU provides thorough and complete carpentry service, thanks to our skilled and experienced carpentry team. Our services adapt to the client’s requirements and include metal, aluminium and wood carpentry.


We also welcome cladding projects. No matter the type of indoor or outdoor surface, our qualified and experienced team takes care of everything. Likewise, you can ask for continuous or discontinuous, horizontal and vertical cladding projects.

Glass balcony

We specialise in balcony enclosures with glass curtains, seeking a solution that best suits your needs. Quick and simple installation.


We install tailor-made waterproofing solutions for facades, walls, roofs, basements or terraces.

Swimming pool refurbishment

With our full swimming pools refurbishment services, we can take on any kind of project, slopes and stairs building. Feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote without any obligations.

Homeowners' association

We reform, rehabilitate and repair your homeowner association (HOA), for the maximum comfort of your neighbours. Whether you are the administrator of the property or the president, contact CO.RE.CU immediately and we will give you an estimate without obligation.

Get in touch to discuss your new house renovation